Is there a key team role missing in your organization? PROACTEL Talent Solutions can help you access your talent and leadership and develop a winning company team.

PROACTEL Talent Solutions offers you a comprehensive recruitment and staffing solution designed to find the best talent in your industry. We provide a search process for every level of your organization—from entry level and middle management to professional recruitment—to enable you to build an effective, successful team. You will receive in-depth market research, talent identification and a thorough evaluation of candidates that includes background and reference checks.

Our philosophy is one of partnership. As such, our services do not end once we bring quality candidates to you for consideration. We monitor each individual’s progress once they are selected to assist our clients with details related to the candidate’s adaptation to the new work environment and on-boarding process.

Our fees are competitive and based largely on results; we charge a small retainer that guarantees our client’s commitment and successful completion of the search process and charge the larger part of the fee once the right candidate is selected. Each placement is guaranteed and you receive a progress report regularly that includes the status of searches.

Don’t have an internal recruiting department? Maybe you know that you will have a need for an increased labor force?  Let PROACTEL Talent Solutions be your recruiting department.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Transfers all or part of your recruitment processes to PROACTEL Talent Solutions. Our team will become your recruitment staff, allowing you to take advantage of our proven technology, methodology and effective reporting process.  PROACTEL takes complete ownership of the design and management of the recruitment process and we are 100% accountable for the results.  We will manage all of your hiring processes and present the hiring manager with the finalists candidates ready for selection.
  • Workforce Planning – Let PROACTEL guarantees your organization has suitable access to talent that will ensure future business success. The cycle of workforce planning includes filling resource requests, analyzing resource utilization, forecasting capacity, managing and identifying the resources to fill that capacity, and then restarting the cycle.

Let us coordinate your needs for additional workforce. We will screen, interview, and qualify the candidates you may need for increased labor requirements.

PROACTEL provides you with a full menu of recruitment and staffing services for those times when you only need PROACTEL to manage part of your search process.  The individual services include research, candidate sourcing and screening, interviewing and written recommendation, as well as assessments and screening services.

  • Candidate Sourcing – The identification and sourcing of the most qualified candidates and pre-screening them for availability, salary information and the top five “must have” skills or experience. Whether you are seeking a candidate for a ‘hard-to-fill’ position or wish to develop a list of candidates for ongoing needs or growth initiatives, our professional sourcing services streamline the process, saving you time and money. PROACTEL will provide with a list of pre-screened candidates that meet your role specifications for you to select and interview only the candidates that you feel are the best fit.
  • Resume Screening – If you’ve received a high volume of resume submissions for a recent posting, PROACTEL can review those submissions and select only the candidates who meet the position requirements.
  • Independent Candidate Evaluation – Already have finalists for your position and would like an outside recommendation? A PROACTEL recruiter will complete an in depth interview of your finalist candidate(s) and provide you with a written recommendation based on the role specifications and other requirements.
  • Screening –  PROACTEL Talent Solutions offers comprehensive screening services ranging from Background checks to Professional reference checks.

PROACTEL can provide you with a variety of components such as training, career development, career management, and organizational development. While usually reserved for top management, trends show that talent development has become increasingly important in order to retain your best and brightest employees at any level of the company.

Some of our services include:

  • On-boarding Programs for new employees, individual Career Development Programs for current employees and high potential programs for future leaders.
  • Team Development for all levels. The team—not the individual—is the foundation of an organization’s success. To stay competitive, organizations must create and maintain a dedicated and talented team and develop team initiatives that factor in the culture of the organization.

Assessing your team’s nature and your candidate’s talent and leadership skills is critical to the accurate placement of a team member to ensure the right fit.

PROACTEL Talent Solutions utilizes a number of career development assessment tools to assist you in building a productive, dynamic team within your industry. The goal of personality assessments is to help organizations avoid problems that negatively affect the bottom line, such as turnover, absenteeism, shrinkage, poor sales performance, and integrity issues.

  • Hogan Assessment Systems are considered the world’s leading personality assessment tools for business. The assessment provides employees with valuable development feedback necessary to reach their full potential. For the employer, Hogan Assessments aid in the process of finding the best individual for the position within your organization’s culture by focusing on job performance predictions. Learn more about Hogan
  • MBTI Assessment The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality inventory is to make the theory of psychological types described by C. G. Jung understandable and useful in people’s lives. The essence of the theory is that much seemingly random variation in the behavior is actually quite orderly and consistent, being due to basic differences in the ways individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment.  Learn more about MBTI
  • DISC Assessment is a leading personality assessment tool that will help improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. DISC stands for the four dimensions of the profile program: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. The profiles program provides you with a detailed report on your employee or potential employee’s personality and behaviors based on their responses to a series of key questions. Increase your knowledge of your team, what motivates them, how they respond to conflict, and discover their stress indicators. Learn more about  DiSC

Our screening services include:

  • Drug Screening – Substance abuse can compromise the integrity and stability of your workplace. Drug testing can help you make confident, informed decisions about current and prospective employees.
  • Education Verification – This is a valuable honesty check due to the large number of job applicants who make false educational claims. An Education Verification search confirms that the education, training, or certification claims of an applicant are true. This check also helps to protect you against negligent hiring claims.
  • Employment Verification – Prior work history is a good predictor of future performance. An Employment History Check verifies title, tenure, and salary claims as well as reasons for leaving and eligibility for rehire. The report helps confirm whether the applicant has the work history and experience necessary to succeed in the position. This search is a good test of an applicant’s honesty due to the frequency of exaggerated and fraudulent employment claims.
  • Motor Vehicle Records – A Motor Vehicle Report is an essential part of a defense against negligent hiring claims for employees who drive company vehicles or who drive on company business. It verifies an applicant’s driver license type, current status, standing, and any possible restrictions. This screening may also provide information regarding irresponsible behavior, including substance abuse, repeated traffic violations, failures to appear, and unpaid fines. The report may provide additional information that is useful during the criminal record background check in the unfortunate event that an applicant is hiding something.
  • Professional License Verification – Confirmation of professional license claims is important when the prospective employee will be in a position that requires such a license or when an applicant claims to have a license. This search also identifies any restrictions or violations associated with the license and it helps protect the employer from negligent hiring claims.
  • Professional Reference Check – This screening provides a personal look into the background of the applicant. A Professional Reference Check is unique in that it does not gather data but instead asks one individual to evaluate another.  We will contact up to 5 of your candidates direct supervisors and provide you with a written report with our findings.
  • State and Federal Criminal Background check – Criminal records can include every detail of a person’s criminal past including everything from misdemeanors and felonies to pending charges and even acquitted charges. Please note that this service is only available in the U.S.A.